AMC App Cook & Go

Take your AMC cooking system to the next level


Connect your Audiotherm to the AMC Cook & Go app and reap the benefits.

Cooking with AMC has never been so easy

The Cook & Go app makes it easy to operate the Audiotherm and always have your cooking processes under control — even when you’re out of earshot of the Audiotherm. This in turn means you have more time to do other things.

Unfortunately, the AMC Cook & Go app is currently unavailable in the App Store.

Cooking becomes even easier thanks to the AMC Cook & Go app

Set the Audiotherm in seconds and enjoy simple and user-friendly operation. It has never been easier to control the cooking time and temperature - especially when using multiple Audiotherms at the same time.

As if you were standing at the stove yourself, without standing at the stove

The AMC Cook & Go app keeps you informed about all steps of your cooking process. So, you are always in control of your kitchen, no matter where you are. Instead of standing at the stove, you can enjoy your time with your family.

Farewell to looking up cooking times!

Save your cooking programs with their individual cooking times in the AMC Cook & Go app and recall them with one click.

* With the older Navigenio series, you are connected to the app via Bluetooth and can use it within the range of the Bluetooth connection. It is only possible to establish a connection via Wi-Fi with the new Navigenio series.