AMC App Cook & Go

Cooking with AMC has never been so easy

The Cook & Go app makes it easy to operate the Audiotherm and always have your cooking processes under control — even when you’re out of earshot of the Audiotherm. This in turn means you have more time to do other things.

Download now

The AMC Cook & Go app is currently not available in Great Britain.

Download it now for free in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia on Google Play or in the App Store.

Advantages of the AMC Cook & Go app

  • The app keeps you updated on all the steps of your cooking process so that you can maintain control of everything.
  • Cooking with AMC is easier and more intuitive than ever before.
  • You can save individual cooking times and easily access them whenever you like.
  • When you pair the app with the Audiotherm acoustic control and the Navigenio mobile cooking plate, the app can be integrated into your home network thanks to the new Wi-Fi module. This way, you’ll know how the cooking process is going even if you’re out of earshot of the Audiotherm.
  • Cook & Go will easily help you change your cooking habits so that you can reap all the benefits of controlled cooking.

All the features at a glance

  • Simply connect the app to the Audiotherm via Bluetooth
  • The app mirrors what’s shown on the Audiotherm screen
  • Thanks to the new Wi-Fi module, you can integrate the Navigenio into your home network and connect to the Audiotherm
  • Available for free in the Apple Store or on Google Play

* With the older Navigenio series, you are connected to the app via Bluetooth and can use it within the range of the Bluetooth connection. It is only possible to establish a connection via Wi-Fi with the new Navigenio series.