Are you ready for a new all-in-one cooking experience?


Prepare every dish easily, quickly, and with guaranteed success using the AMC Cook & Go app – this is how you can cook today!

AMC Cook & Go

Recipes with guaranteed success

Discover our latest innovation and experience easy cooking with AMC’s award-winning Cook & Go app

Need inspiration?

Discover more than 1000 delicious recipes and browse through the colorful world of recipes from AMC. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or dishes with meat or fish.

Everything under control

Enjoy all the benefits of smart cooking with AMC thanks to simple and user-friendly operation: The app is linked to the Audiotherm acoustic control.

Your cooking coach

Step-by-step instructions through the cooking adventure: Let the Guided Cooking function lead you through the entire cooking process.

Everything in hand

Correct use of products with instructional videos: Get useful tips and tricks from your personal cooking coach on how to properly use the product

Your favorites

Favorite recipes and cooking times at a glance: Find recipes according to your preferences and save your choice recipes as favorites.

The companion in the kitchen you’ll never want to be without

Go on a new cooking adventure and become a gourmet cook thanks to the new Guided Cooking functions on the Cook & Go app: experience temperature and time-controlled cooking anew and enjoy all the advantages of smart cooking with AMC. Guided Cooking was awarded the Kitchen Innovation Award 2023 as the obvious and perfect addition to the cooking system!

Everything under control thanks to Audiotherm

Enjoy easy and user-friendly operation: The AMC Cook & Go app is linked to the Audiotherm acoustic control and therefore to the smart AMC cooking system, which enables temperature- and time-controlled cooking.

Create the perfect dish with step-by-step instructions

Let the Guided Cooking function take you through the whole cooking process. Pick up useful tips from your own personal cooking coach with videos on how to use the product correctly and you’ll accomplish every dish – with a 100% guarantee of success!

Inspiring AMC recipe collection

Discover delicious recipe ideas in the AMC Cook & Go app. Whether vegan, vegetarian or dishes with meat or fish, browse through AMC’s colorful and delicious recipe collection. Find the recipes you want and save the recipes you like as your favorites.

Award winning

AMC has received the Kitchen Innovation Award 2023 for its Guided Cooking App “Cook & Go” in the functionality, user-convenience, innovation, product benefit and design quality criteria.

* With the older Navigenio series, you are connected to the app via Bluetooth and can use it within the range of the Bluetooth connection. It is only possible to establish a connection via Wi-Fi with the new Navigenio series.